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The Transformative Impact of AI in Mechanical Engineering 

Chatbots, virtual assistants, self-driving cars, drones and image recognition programs: Artificial intelligence has become a mainstay in our daily lives. This also holds true professionally, as the adoption of AI in businesses has more than doubled since 2017. So, what is the role of artificial intelligence in an innovative field like mechanical engineering?   In the …

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The Role of Robotics in Mechanical Engineering 

In 1961, a bulky machine with a robotic arm suspended from its chassis was rolled out at a trade show in Chicago, Illinois. It instantly became a star among onlookers. The Unimate #001 would go on to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Suddenly, machines could perform the repetitive, precise and dangerous tasks previously done exclusively by …

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Breaking the Mold: 5 Pioneering Women in Engineering

Women have always had to fight for their place in engineering. Take the Afghan Girls Robotics Team. When the Taliban returned to power in 2021, most of the all-woman team fled Afghanistan, fearing (correctly) that the Islamic regime would bar women from attending school or enjoying other basic human rights. The “robot girls” have since …

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