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Perseverance: Engineering the Mars 2020 Rover

We — not as a nation but as humans — will not give up. The human race will always persevere into the future. — Alexander Mather, winner of the “Name the Rover” essay contest  The spacecraft carrying NASA’s Perseverance rover entered the Martian atmosphere traveling over 12,000 miles per hour. Thrusters kept the spacecraft on …

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Jet Engines: How Are They Made?

Sitting in the window seat of a passenger plane, it’s easy — and often necessary, if you’re a nervous flyer — to ignore the roar of the turbojet engines. Yet an incredible amount of engineering goes into making these machines powerful, efficient and safe.   The fan of a jet engine draws in just a fraction …

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The 7 Engineering Wonders of the World

Engineering wonders tend to have titles preceded by “largest,” “fastest” or “greatest.” What separates a true feat of engineering from a wonder of the world, however, is its utility. At the Cockrell School of Engineering, our vision is to be a catalyst for solutions that advance society, drive economic progress and improve the quality of life around …

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