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Mechanical engineers have a laundry list of job duties, including prototyping and testing devices. They are, in essence, problem solvers — out-of-the-box thinkers who approach challenges from every angle. For many mechanical engineers, solving design dilemmas and diagnosing equipment failures are second nature. But not all professional problems are limited to the design desk or factory floor. Some are larger and more complex, such as how to advance your career in the field of mechanical engineering.

The solution can be found at The University of Texas at Austin and the Cockrell School of Engineering. The Cockrell School offers two 100% online mechanical engineering programs: the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and the Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate. Either of our programs can enhance your skill set and prepare you for exciting new roles in your industry. However, as is often the case in engineering, our solution has led to a new challenge: Should you pursue a master’s degree or graduate certificate?

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Ranked the No. 11 best mechanical engineering program in the country, UT Austin’s 100% online Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering offers unparalleled online instruction to engineering students the world over. Composed of 10 courses encompassing a wide range of engineering topics, this 30-credit-hour, non-thesis program imparts the knowledge students need to design, analyze and produce products and design processes and ultimately become leaders in their field.

Courses are entirely online and asynchronous, allowing students to participate on their own time and from the location of their choosing — their favorite coffee shop, for instance. Lessons have clear learning objectives and consist of easily digestible units, including videos, exercises and tests. Collaborating with other Texas Engineers is as easy as joining a group discussion. Every effort has been made to give master’s degree students the flexible schedule and supportive learning environment they need to succeed academically.  

Is a Master’s Degree Right for You?

The Executive MS in Mechanical Engineering can help you step into leadership roles in the field of mechanical engineering. If you’re prepared to take on a rigorous course of study, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another online program that can help you increase your earning potential and advance your career without impacting your personal or professional life. The Executive MS in Mechanical Engineering program can be completed in as little as two years, at the end of which you’ll be awarded a career-enhancing credential that employers are sure to notice. 

Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate

The Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate takes a more focused approach than our MS in Mechanical Engineering program, exploring the control and optimization of processes and systems. This 9-credit-hour program is ideal for engineers of all levels and is composed of three courses:

  • Statistical Methods for Process Control and Manufacturing
  • Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Physical Systems
  • Introduction to Automatic Control

The graduate certificate program, like our master’s degree program, is entirely online and asynchronous.

Is a Graduate Certificate Right for You?

The graduate certificate program is an affordable option with a faster time to completion than the master’s degree program. You can earn a graduate certificate in as little as one year. While our graduate certificate is a practical option for gaining industry-relevant skills, you should note that it doesn’t carry the same academic weight as our master’s degree. Fortunately, all 9 credit hours earned in this graduate certificate program can be applied to the Executive MS in Mechanical Engineering program, so long as you are accepted and in good academic standing.

Make UT Austin Your Choice

Will you pursue an Executive MS in Mechanical Engineering or a Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate? Through our master’s degree program, you can become an industry leader in as little as two years, while our graduate certificate program can help you gain industry-relevant skills in as little as one year. Both programs are 100% online, asynchronous and led by experts in the field of engineering. You may need to think long and hard about which graduate credential is right for you. Choosing a graduate school should be far easier.

The Cockrell School of Engineering is ranked the No. 7 best engineering school in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report. For over a century, the Cockrell School has been developing innovators and leaders in the field of engineering. What makes the Cockrell School truly unique, however, are the students and faculty members who make it a premier engineering destination. Approximately 8,000 students and over 70,000 alumni make up one of the largest and most respected engineering communities around. Taught by a world-renowned team of over 270 faculty members, our students and graduates are given the tools they need to change not only their lives but the world around them. Ready to earn a graduate credential from one of the nation’s top-ranked engineering schools? Apply now to one of our 100% online mechanical engineering programs to become a part of UT Austin and the Cockrell School of Engineering.

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