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The University of Texas at Austin is among the most selective colleges in the U.S. This acceptance rate is commensurate to the level of interest in our prestigious university and the opportunities and education available to its students. 

We wish everyone reading this could join our 100% online Master of Science in Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering program, but that’s not possible — at least, not all at once. So we’re here with some insight into our admissions process that may help you gain acceptance to UT Austin and the Cockrell School of Engineering.  

1. Prove Yourself by Earning a Graduate Certificate 

A GPA of at least 3.0 is recommended  for admission. If you’re concerned with your GPA, we offer a 100% online Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate program, wherein you can  prove you have what it takes to make it as a master’s degree student.  

Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate 

Composed of three courses, our online graduate certificate program can be completed in as little as one year. All nine credit hours earned in this program can be applied to our executive master’s degree, so long as you are accepted and in good academic standing.  

Make strides toward a master’s degree while gaining specialized knowledge of the control and optimization of systems.  

2. Make a Good First Impression by Updating Your Resume 

Resumes are reflections of applicants and their individual experiences, and they’re among the most important determinants of enrollment.  

If you haven’t updated your resume in some time, it couldn’t hurt to take another pass at it, especially if you follow the latest resume writing best practices. Highlight achievements, use an active voice, and tailor your resume to your specific audience, in this case, our program’s Graduate Studies Committee.  

3. Share Your Story by Writing an Engaging Statement of Purpose 

A statement of purpose isn’t as critical as a resume. Nonetheless, it’s an essential component of your UT Austin application. One letter (500-1000 words) is all you need to tell your story, set yourself apart from other applicants, and prove you should be a part of Texas Engineering.  

When writing your statement of purpose, expand upon your resume by detailing your academic and professional background. The statement of purpose is also a great opportunity to address any items the admissions committee may perceive as shortcomings and how you overcame them and are now ready for this program. We’re not expecting sweeping prose, but your voice should shine through in your writing. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  

4. Rely on Professionals (or Professors) for Your Letters of Recommendation 

Request letters of recommendation from individuals you have a personal connection with, like a manager or coworker who can speak to your experience and professionalism.  

If you lack professional contacts — our 100% online master’s degree program no longer requires industry experience — you can ask a current or former professor. You can even request that they speak to specific qualities that would be beneficial in their letter, such as your leadership, communication, and technical skills.  

5. Gain an Edge by Submitting GRE Scores 

The GRE (Graduate Record Exam) measures the overall readiness of prospective graduate students. Composed of three sections (analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning), the exam is far more challenging than the SAT or ACT. After September 2023, the test will be shortened to a more manageable 1 hour and 58 minutes — not that it won’t test the limits of an individual’s critical-thinking skills. 

Currently, GRE scores are not required for admission. If, however, you’re concerned with the quality of your UT Austin application, you have the option to submit your GRE scores with your application. Numerous resources are available online to help you prepare for the GRE, from prep courses to practice tests. Just don’t cram last minute if you do decide to tackle the GRE.  

Take a Chance by Submitting Your UT Austin Application 

Still apprehensive? Applications are reviewed on a holistic basis, meaning that there’s no single criteria for deciding whether an individual will be admitted. We’ve also removed the industry experience requirement to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from UT Austin and everything our executive master’s degree program has to offer. 

Whether you’re a professional with years of experience or a newcomer hoping to leave your mark on the engineering field, our program may be right for you. If you’ve yet to apply to UT Austin and its 100% online mechanical engineering program, the only thing stopping you from receiving an acceptance letter may be the fear of rejection. 

Apply to UT Austin and Texas Engineering 

Apply to our 100% online MS in mechanical engineering program or, if you’re eager prove yourself, our 100% online Mechanical Engineering Controls Graduate Certificate program. You’ll never know if you have what it takes to join Longhorn Nation if you don’t apply!  

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