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The University of Texas at Austin is home to many of the brightest minds in the field of mechanical engineering, including over 90 recipients of the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development award and one winner of the Nobel Prize. Our faculty’s dedication to higher learning has made UT Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering the No. 6 best graduate engineering school in the U.S. These awards and accolades represent the incredible work performed by our faculty, but ultimately, what matters most is their impact on our students.  

We’re browsing through Rate My Professors to see what students are saying about our mechanical engineering faculty members, specifically our 100% online Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program. Anonymous reviews only say so much, but they should give potential students a better idea of what’s in store for them in our virtual classroom.  

Program Director Ofodike Ezekoye, Ph.D.  

Professor Ofodike Ezekoye oversees our executive MS in mechanical engineering program, ensuring that students and faculty members have the resources they need to thrive in an online learning environment.  

When he’s not leading our team of educators, he teaches alongside them. An expert in combustion and heat transfer in high temperature and reacting systems such as engines, furnaces and structure fires, Dr. Ezekoye enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with students, some of whom may enjoy the subject matter a little too much …  

What his students are saying: 

“His lectures are clear, concise, and presented very well. He is also a really nice guy and has a good sense of humor. Everyone in this class is a pyromaniac.”  

— Posted April 20th, 2022 

Associate Professor Vaibhav Bahadur, Ph.D.  

Associate Professor Bahadur’s research focuses on thermal sciences, thermal management, energy-water systems and oil-gas flow assurance. With four years of industry R&D experience, Dr. Bahadur is a mentor to students interested in gaining practical, industry-relevant instruction on heat transfer and fluid mechanics.  

What his students are saying:  

“Good lecturer, great guy. He focuses on concepts during lectures and is always open to questions from the class during lectures.”  

— Posted May 19th, 2022 

“Professor [Bahadur] is a good lecturer and you can tell he cares deeply about making great future engineers.”  

— Posted May 2nd, 2022 

“He focuses a ton on real world examples. It’s one of the first classes I feel like I’m solving real world problems and [B]ahadur teaches by example.”  

— Posted May 14th, 2018  

Professor Richard Crawford, Ph.D. 

Much of Dr. Crawford’s work focuses on computer-aided design (CAD), but his greatest contribution to the field may be in the form of education reform. Dr. Crawford is the co-founder of the Design Technology and Engineering for All Children (DTEACh) program and a participant in Engineer Your World, which promotes high-quality engineering education at high schools across the U.S. Committed to engineering and education, he is a pillar of support for his students. 

What his students are saying: 

“Great professor, teaches multiple classes at UT involving engineering design.”  

— Posted May 4th, 2022 

Associate Professor Yaguo Wang, Ph.D. 

Along with her team at the Q-STEM Lab, Dr. Wang works to advance the development of clean energy, with much of her work focused on fundamental heat transport problems encountered in a variety of engineering disciplines, including nanoelectronics. When she’s not saving the world, she’s training the next generation of academic professionals and industry leaders. You can find her teaching in our online course Applied Thermodynamics.  

What her students are saying: 

“[Applied Thermodynamics] is a really hard class but Dr. Wang makes it a bit easier … She’s very kind and very open to feedback so definitely let her know if she needs to change anything.”  

— Posted Jan 20th, 2022 

“She is genuinely one of the most compassionate professors I’ve ever had. [Applied Thermodynamics] is just a class with a lot of content, so it’s fast paced. Ask questions no matter how dumb, she will always respond kindly and clarify.”  

— Posted Jan 16th, 2022 

Professor Dragan Djurdjanovic, Ph.D. 

Our online MS in mechanical engineering program prepares students for leadership roles, which is why so many of our faculty members have extensive industry experience. Dr. Djurdjanovic’s research focuses on making manufacturing systems, rotating machinery and automobiles more durable and independent. Ford, General Motors, ETAS and Bosch have all utilized his findings. His real-world experience is yet another invaluable resource for students to rely upon.  

What his students are saying:  

“Dragan is a great lecturer and really makes it a point that all his students understand the material.”  

— Posted Dec 9th, 2021 

The Heart of Texas Engineering 

The Cockrell School of Engineering would be nothing without its incredible staff, students and alumni. Together, they comprise one of the largest, most respected engineering communities in the U.S. To learn what it means to be a part of this community and study under some of the most accomplished engineers in academia, join our 100% online MS in mechanical engineering program.  

Led by our esteemed mechanical engineering faculty, our program offers unparalleled instruction to engineering students the world over, helping them develop into industry leaders and innovators. Our 100% online program also offers the flexibility needed to master mechanical engineering topics and become familiar with emerging technology, and online communication tools ensure that our esteemed professors are never out of reach. Few other colleges can offer the expert guidance, comprehensive curriculum and flexible schedule at the core of Texas Engineering.  

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