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3D Printing Pioneer: Professor Joseph Beaman

UT Austin is home to some of the brightest minds in all of engineering. One such mind is that of Joseph J. Beaman, Sc.D., a professor at the Cockrell School of Engineering. Beaman has devoted his life to the study of additive manufacturing, culminating in the creation of a revolutionary form of 3D printing. As …

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7 Engineering Jobs for Veterans: Which Will You Choose?

Engineering and the U.S. military go hand in hand. Service members are taught leadership, teamwork and communication skills, all of which are essential in the field of engineering. Most importantly, their problem-solving abilities are carefully honed. With so many transferable skills, it’s no wonder service members often excel in their professional roles after leaving the …

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How 3D Printing Is Taking Over the World: One Design at a Time

When 3D printing experienced a renaissance in the early 2010s, it offered something for everyone: a way for manufacturers to revolutionize prototyping, an opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to breathe life into their ideas, and a chance for hobbyists to tinker with an emerging technology. In the passing years, 3D printing has only become more affordable …

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