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Good Dog: UT Austin Welcomes Robot Dogs as Part of the Largest Experiment on Human-Robot Encounters to Date    

We can’t talk about robot dogs without starting with “Black Mirror.”   Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the episode “Metalhead” tells the tale of a lone survivor fleeing from a pack of murderous robot dogs single-minded in their mission to snuff out any remaining human life. Freaky, right?   Warnings from science fiction and news of recent …

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Work Smarter: Smart Materials in Mechanical Engineering 

Mechanical engineers try to account for every possibility. Unfortunately, they’re often limited by materials and their properties. New possibilities are created, however, with the advent of new materials like polymers, ceramics, metals, and now, smart materials.   Smart materials allow for the creation of machines and systems that adapt to their environment, such as robots that …

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